Wednesday, 04 May 2016

Welcome to Legal Precedents Online.

This site contains the following;

MERGE SETS: Contain sets of documents including most common letters required to complete a particular transaction. The merge set can be;

1. Downloaded and merged with a Data File (containing specific information relating to the file in question) to produce a full set completed Deeds, Declarations, Court Documents, letters etc. The completed documents can then be printed off as required.

2. Downloaded and completed manually.

3. Viewed and used as a guide to the documents and letters for a particular transaction.

DOCUMENTS: Plain documents that are not mergeable with Data Files but can be

1. Downloaded and completed manually.

PROCEDURES: Practical step by step guides on how to carry out various tasks like buying or selling a property, transferring Pub Licence, serving a witness summons, issuing a Court Motion or registering a judgment mortgage.

PRACTICE NOTES: Notes on various legal principles with an emphasis on the practical application of those principles as encountered in practice.

LINKS: to useful sources of legal information and services for legal professionals

This site was created and is maintained by Michael D. Cunningham & Co. Solicitors . It was originally created as an aid to assist legal practitioners and legal trainees by showing examples of everyday legal precedent letters and documents but can equally be useful to members of the public.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that while care will be taken to furnish accurate information Legal Prededents Online does not accept any responsibiliity for any errors or ommissions in the information supplied and reliance on such information is soley at the risk of the recipient.